Premium Collection Autumn Winter 2016/17

The collection is an eclectic retro, for which the inspirations were found in the 1960s. Łukasz Jemioł puts on box and trapeze dresses, simple sweaters with various weaves and forms, often with sexy gashes and open back. Woolen classic, mohair, cashmere, silk and leather dominated the catwalk. The elegant, sensual lace, from the Sophie Hallette factory in France, emphasize all the advantages of woman silhouette. Łukasz Jemioł maneuveres world trends and giving them their own style. Remaining in a narrow range of colors, dominate powder pink, beige, gray in various shades, listless sky-blues and timeless black. Mandatory collars and bows gave the stylizations more a girlish character. For special attention, among male silhouettes, deserve jackets and sheepskin coats made with the highest precision.