privacy policy
(valid from 25/05/2018)

1. Introductory Provisions

Data protection is a matter of trust and your trust is very important to us. In order for users to feel safe when visiting our website, we strictly comply with the statutory provisions when processing personal data. At this point, we would like to inform you about our data collection and use policy. The following data protection declaration informs about what user data is collected on our websites and which of this data is processed, as well as to whom to contact in related matters.

 2. Responsible party and user rights

1.    The entity responsible for the collection, processing and use of personal data within the meaning of the Federal Data Protection Act is Łukasz Marek Jemioł (hereinafter: Łukasz Jemioł). As the responsible entity, Łukasz Marek Jemioł is available at the following contact details:

a) By post to the following address: Łukasz Jemioł, ul. Mokotowska 26 on the corner of Koszykowa, 00-561 Warsaw

b) By e-mail:

You can obtain information about your data stored with us free of charge at any time, as well as exercise your right to correct, block or delete your data. For this purpose, please use the contact details listed above.

If the user does not agree to the processing or use of his data by Łukasz Jemioł in accordance with these data protection provisions in whole or in relation to individual activities, he may object by e-mail or letter, also using the contact details provided.

3. Collection, processing and use of personal data

Personal data is data relating to the material or personal relationship of a specific or identifiable natural person. These include, for example, name and surname, telephone number, address and all basic data that you provided to us when registering and creating a customer account.

Customer account

For each customer who registers on our website using the "Create account" function, we set up a customer account, ie a password-protected direct access to the user's basic data stored with us. Here, the user can view, among other things, his completed, ongoing and recently sent orders or manage his personal data and the newsletter.

Creating a customer account

When registering a customer account, it is mandatory to provide the following data (required information):

a) e-mail adress
b) password
c) name
d) name
e) consent to and data protection provisions

The billing address and delivery address must only be provided when the order is placed. In order to process the order, we need the correct name, address and payment details. We need your e-mail address so that we can confirm receipt of your order and its dispatch, and in general to communicate with you. We also use your e-mail address to identify you (as a login name) when you log into your customer account.

Collection, processing and use of your personal data

We collect, save and process user data as part of the purchase service, including any subsequent warranties, to provide our services, for technical administration, for our own marketing purposes (more on this in the section "Use of user data for advertising purposes") and to prevent illegal acts and fraud. Users' personal data is transferred to third parties only if it is permitted by law, including for purposes related to the performance of the contract or settlement, for marketing purposes or with the user's prior consent. For example, as part of order processing, service providers cooperating with us (e.g. a carrier, logistics company, banks) receive the necessary data in order to process the order and order. The data provided by the service providers in this way may only be used for the performance of their task.

Use of user data for advertising purposes

In addition to data processing as part of the purchase service on the Łukasz Jemioł website, we also use user data for the following purposes: to constantly optimize the user's purchases as part of a customer-friendly and personalized offer; to be able to contact the user in relation to orders and specific products and marketing campaigns; and to recommend products or services to you that may be of interest to you. For this purpose, we use the information obtained, for example, confirmation of receipt and reading of e-mails, information about the end device owned by the user, Internet connection, operating system and platform, date and time of visiting the website or products viewed, as well we obtain from you (including automatically provided or generated information). In addition, we also use order history. The user may at any time object to the use of the user's personal data for advertising purposes in whole or in relation to individual activities, without charging him for costs other than the costs of providing information according to the basic tariff. For this purpose, a notification in text form to the contact details mentioned in point 1 (e.g. e-mail, letter) is sufficient.


We use the e-mail address provided by the user to send the newsletter. A confirmation of the user is required here, which consists in expressing his consent to receive the newsletter as the owner of the e-mail address. If the user would like to unsubscribe from the newsletter, he may at any time cancel his consent without incurring any costs other than the costs of providing information according to the basic tariff. For this purpose, a notification in text form to the contact details mentioned in point 1 (e.g. e-mail, letter) is sufficient. Of course, you will find a link to unsubscribe from the newsletter in every newsletter.

4. Cookies

Accepting cookies is a prerequisite for using our online store. However, if the user blocks the use of cookies, our website and service will only operate based on limited functions.

What are cookies (cookies)?

Cookies are small files saved on the user's data carrier, used by the user's browser to save certain settings and data for exchange with our system. There are two types of cookies, so-called session cookies, which are deleted when the user closes the browser, and temporary / permanent cookies that are stored for a longer period or permanently on the user's data carrier. Thanks to the storage of these files, we can properly prepare our websites and our offer in terms of user preferences. This makes it easier for the user to use the website, for example by saving certain user data so that he does not have to enter it every time.

What cookies does Łukasz Jemioł use?

Most of the cookies we use are automatically deleted from the user's hard drive after the end of the browser session (so-called session cookies). For example, session cookies are used to offer the user the shopping cart function on multiple pages of the website. In addition, we also use cookies stored on the hard drive of the user's computer. During the next visit, the website automatically recognizes the user and the information and settings he prefers. Temporary and permanent cookies (storage period from 1 month to 10 years) are saved on the hard drive of the user's computer and are automatically deleted after a specified period of time. These cookies are used to make our offer even more effective, safer and more user-friendly. Thanks to these files, it is possible to present the user with information tailored to his interests. The only purpose of cookies is to adapt our offer to the customer's expectations as well as possible and thus make it easier for him to navigate on our website.

What data is stored in cookies?

Only pseudonymised data is saved in the cookies used by Łukasz Jemioł. When a cookie is activated, it is assigned an identification number without assigning the user's personal data to this identification number. The first and last name, IP address or similar data of the user that allows a cookie to be directly assigned to the user are not saved in the cookie. Based on cookie technology, we only obtain pseudonymised information, for example about which pages of our store the user has visited, which products have been viewed, etc.

Are third party cookies also used (so-called third party cookies)?

Łukasz Jemioł works with some advertising companies that help in creating websites so that they are more attractive to users. Therefore, when visiting websites, cookies from partner companies are also saved on the user's hard drive. These are temporary / permanent cookies that are automatically deleted after a specified period of time. Temporary and permanent cookies (storage period from 14 days to 10 years) are saved on the hard drive of the user's computer and are automatically deleted after a specified period of time. Also, cookies of partner companies contain only pseudonymised data, usually anonymous data. This is, for example, information about what products the user has viewed, or made a purchase, what products he was looking for, etc. Some of our partners also collect information about which pages the user has visited before or what products he was interested in, in order to ultimately display advertisements that will best suit you. his interests.


Our websites use so-called retargeting technology. We use this technology to be able to offer users a more attractive Internet offer. It allows you to present users who are interested in our store and our products, appropriate advertising on the websites of our partners. We are convinced that the display of personalized, interest-related advertising is generally more attractive to the user than advertising that does not have such an individual relationship. The display of these advertising materials on the websites of our partners is based on cookie technology and the analysis of previous user behavior. This form of advertising is carried out completely anonymously.

When using our website, cookies are used to collect, save and use data about user behavior. In addition, the user data contained in cookies is stored after the end of the browser session and, for example, used during the next visit to the website.

How can you block the saving of cookies?

The browser has settings that allow you to accept cookies only if the user agrees. This way you can prevent cookies from being saved in the future. To accept the use of Łukasz Jemioł cookies, while blocking the use of third-party cookies, select the option "Blocking third-party website cookies" in the browser settings. As a rule, in the menu bar of the web browser, you can get information on how to reject new cookies and how to disable saved cookies via the help function.