September 26th, Warsaw: The fashion show of the fall-winter collection of Łukasz Jemioł took place in a pillared hall belonging to the compound of Praska Drukarnia in Warsaw. The new collection of the designer in a decadent style of the sensual rapacity was presented on more than 50 silhouettes on the catwalk. The outfits for men also appeared among them. The interior of the hall at 65 Mińska street was black with the high contrast catwalk in leopard spots, which was an ideal background for the collection “with teeth”. Łukasz Jemioł, inspired by the rapacity and wild temper has created bold women’s collection. Projects “cold shoulder”, dresses with low necklines on the front and on the back, mini or maxi length shirts, nonchalantly undone, with zips and transparent, highlighted sensuality of the body. The stylist Agnieszka Ścibior has put together light, delicate fabrics such as laces and chiffons with chunky velour and wools or sheepskin coats sewn inside out. Among the most original fabrics appeared: thick-stripes corduroy and made in Spain fabric in the print of a tiger against the background of bamboos, which was specially designed by Łukasz Jemioł for the needs of this collection. There are components, such as jumpsuits in fluid fabrics or outerwear that Jemioł is famous for, which deserve special attention. There are woolen and cashmere coats, velour or corduroy bomber jackets in the 90s style, as well as blazers in rescaled check or stripes. The new embroidered slogan – “Hunted” – appeared during the fashion show, which will be continued in the Basic line. In the finale all looks composed a picturesque landscape of the fall-winter Taiga climate at sunset starting with shiny copper, pastel dusty pink, dark navy blue and golden green. The designer has hunted all of the hottest trends of the season while remaining true to the vision of the universality and timelessness of his projects.